Reimbursement Form

Please email shotolaj(at)gmail(dot)com if you are seeking reimbursement for an approved PTO related expense. Include who to write the check to, what the expense was for, the $ amount to be reimbursed, and attach an electronic copy of the receipt.


Staff Grant Request

Please use this form to make requests for annual staff grants.  All requests are reviewed by the PTO team as well as school administration.  You will be notified if your staff grant was either approved or not.


Student Grant Form

We want to hear great ideas from the kids! In 2016 PTO awarded 3 Student Grants, and we're excited to sponsor more this year. The application process is easy, but requires parent help. Submissions are due 2/21/17. It is important submissions have a school-wide impact.


WI State Tax Exempt Form

When purchasing items for PTO, present this form to the vendor and we should not be charged sales tax.